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Frequently Asked

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a catalyst to a growth response. The purpose is to help you help them self. A life coach helps move you beyond your perceived blocks or barriers that you identify as issues they need to be overcome. A life ciach is not a pshycologist.

Do I need to be Buddhist to meditate?

You do not need to be Buddhist to take any meditation sessions or workshops offered.

Why do we chant?

Chanting is not religion specific. There is a science to sound and how it affects consciousness. Most yogic chants are in Sanskrit an ancient language of the yogis.  Although chants are used from other languages.  The shape of the mouth and placement of the tongue as the words are spoken actually stimulate pressure points in the mouth, this creates a meditative state of mind by shifting energy in your brain.

What religion is Yoga?

Yoga is not a religion at all. It is a science of the breath and movement which brings balance into the body and mind. It develops in you the ability to look inward for the answers instead of seeking them outside of yourself.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a science more accurately a (branch of philosophy) with roots in ancient India that has evolved over the centuries. While it means something different for every person that practices it, the word “yoga” means, yoke, unite, or join togetherand is rooted in the art of oneness, or being connected and yoking to God or source. Throughout history, yoga has been split into various “schools” focusing on different aspects of yoga. Some schools focus on the physical body, others on mediation or breathing.

What should I wear?

Bring or wear comfortable clothes you can move easily in. Loose stretchy pants work best, with Tank tops or T-shirts. Yoga is practiced barefoot.

What if I'm pregnant, injured or have mobility issues?

Please let me know BEFORE YOUR SESSION of any injuries, medical conditions, pregnancy or other limitations. This will allow us to give you suitable modifications so you can enjoy your class.

Do I need to be an artist?

You do not need to be an artist to participate in any of creative workshops.

Are art supplies provided?

All art supplies needed for art classes will be provided. However, you are welcome to bring supplies you think you may need.

If you are taking a mala workshop you can purchase your supplies from me. Once you place your order, your mala supplies with be given to you at your workshop. Of course you are welcome to bring your own supplies to the workshop.

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