Healing Arts Workshops

Healing Anger

This workshop is designed to help students communicate feelings about anger, using color to express what makes them angry, how they express anger and how they respond to the consequences. 

Expressing Feelings with Color

This course teaches participants how to express with abstract colors using the Zagon method of Art4Healing. Participants will process their feelings on canvas while exploring color, composition and other elements of art.

Finding Your Inner Peace

This workshop is a creative and soothing way to express personal feelings through abstract art. Participation in an Expressing Feelings with Color workshop is recommended but not required.

Healing From Grief

This workshop will allow participants to deal with emotions surrounding specific stresses when grieving. This workshop is designed to take participants through their emotions,and teach them methods of looking at their grief, and promotes healing through color and expression.

Compassion & Fatigue

This workshop is designed for individuals that are continuously giving of themselves to others. You will be encouraged to identify and process compassion fatigue by using color and painting as a vehicle for expression.


This workshop uses color to identify and process stress. Participants will use abstract painting on canvas as a tool to express the ups and downs in their daily lives. No previous art experience necessary!

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