Create Your Own Mala

Join me on a sacred journey into the world of malas! Malas are 108 beads that can be powerful tools of transformation for anyone. You can use them to create a more focused and centered meditation practice, a peaceful life and a calm mind. Malas are perfect for those beginning the path of meditation as well as for those who already have an established personal meditation practice.

You will learn the history and use of malas as well as how to choose the mantra and mala that is right for you. We dive into all aspects of meditating with your mala, including creating sacred space, caring for the mala, and even cleansing and “empowering” your mala.

Learn how to use mantra recitation to improve your love, compassion, and wisdom – this is something we can practice at any time and brings many powerful short and long-term benefits to our life

In this workshop you will learn about:

  • History and traditions of mala-making
  • Caring for your mala
  • How to use your own mala
  • How to chose the right stone for your personal mala
  • How to empower your mala
  • How to meditate with your mala

Who this course is for:
Those interested in beginning a meditation practice of any kind.
Anyone who would like to know how to meditate with mala beads

If you’d like to schedule a workshop for yourself or a small group please schedule your appointment here.

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