Mandala Workshops

Mandala From Within (For all ages)

The word mandala means “sacred circle” in Sanskrit, the ancient language used in Eastern traditions such as Buddhism and Hinduism. A mandala is an art piece that is also used as a spiritual and ritual symbol representing the universe perceived within and outside of our mind and body.

As an artistic expression, mandalas are used as a spiritual guidance tool for establishing a “sacred space” and as an aid to induce a meditative state of awareness. When experienced as an “art practice,” your personal mandala unfolds as a portal that opens up as your heart’s voice. This unique expression articulates a visual affirmation of your personal truth, your sacred mission for this lifetime and your unique gifts and talents that you are destined to deliver.

Your intuitive and inspirational coloring of a mandala will tap into your creativity without any need for artistic expertise. For most, the very process of coloring your mandala can soothe your heart and nourish your soul. Coloring mandalas is a great way to start using these spiritual tuning forks in your everyday life.

Embrace the opportunity to see the words of your heart rendered symbolically through the art form of creating a personal mandala. Engage in the prayerful action of creating your own “sacred space” by enrolling in the personal mandala course. Let your heart speak, your mind and soul will generously reward you.

If you’d like to schedule a workshop for yourself or a small group please schedule your appointment here.

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